How It Works

Flexiroam X is a microchip that attaches to your existing SIM card, so you don't ever have to find yourself hunting around for data solutions on your next trip.

Flexiroam tries to make your data roaming experience as convient as possible by providing a simple app that makes it easy for your to monitor your data usage.

All you'll need to begin is a starter pack.

The prices for data can all be found in the Flexiroam X app that you can download from either the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android), but be sure to purchase your starter pack to experience the full benefits.

Pricing of data is either Global Data or Local Data, that you can find in the mobile app.

The difference between the plans would be as follows

Global Data


  • You can buy data that can last to up to a year (360 days).
  • You can use the data you buy in any of the 100+ countries supported by Flexiroam
  • You can make outgoing calls with your global data


  • Data that you buy starts from the date of purchase
  • It is generally pricer than local data due to having more country support


Local Data


  • Cheaper if you buy 2 weeks or more before your trip, so you can maximise the use of your data.


  • The data is location specific, so you if you buy for Thailand you can't use it in Singapore
  • Data is generally valid for up to a month (30 days).