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Flexiroam X is a thin microchip that is attached to your existing SIM card and enables you to access Flexiroam’s low cost data roaming whilst overseas, connecting you to the local networks. It is an easy one-time application to overcome the hassle of switching SIMs every time you travel. Click here to download the Flexiroam X app now!

To use Flexiroam X, you will have to apply the microchip on the top of your existing SIM card and activate it through the Flexiroam X mobile app. After that, you can easily switch to Flexiroam X network when you travel and switch back to your home network when you return.

After you've switched to Flexiroam X network, you will not be able to receive phone calls. This protects our users from being charged by their home telcos. However, users can use any applications that requires data and make calls with them.

To start using your Data, purchase a Starter Plan which comes with a FREE X Microchip. The Starter Pack contains an X-Microchip that enables you to use mobile data in over 100 countries.

Theoretically, it will work on inactive SIM card, but it’s not something that we would suggest our users to do. If you happen to stumble upon the issue where by it says ‘Undetected SIM’ please remove the microchip and contact our support team for a replacement.