About Us

All over the world, the cell phone business has continued to be on the rise and this owes to the fact that there are billions of people who cannot do without the cell phone. The cell phone has made it extremely easy for people to communicate with themselves. This has also made loved one stay really in touch with one another from time to time.

Flip Phones is a Cellphone and Accessories online store based in Centurion, South Africa that was founded in 2021 by African Technopreneurs.

It currently is focusing on bring the best advice and products in regards to Cellphones and Accessories , and get ahead of the curve when it come to the latest cellphone technology and how you can use it to equip yourself in your daily life. 

The products that are sold on this website have been tested and vetted by Flip Phones in order to make sure that you have the best experience when using any of the cellphones/accessories that are provided by ourselves.